We Repair Pontoons and Do Custom Fabrication

Augello’s Welding and Fabrication specializes in pontoon repair and reinforcement. We are experts in welding and fabricating and repairing aluminum pontoons. We are experts at locating cracks, holes, and design flaws in aluminum pontoons. We have repaired hundreds and hundreds of pontoons at The Lake of the Ozarks. There is no other shop at The Lake of the Ozarks that delivers the quality, the value, and the professionalism that we offer. Here are just a few more reasons why Augello’s should be your only choice for pontoon repair.

At Augello’s Welding we take the time and effort to make sure all repairs are completed to the highest standards. Not only do we fabricate all components of the repairs to provide you with the highest quality, we also have expert knowledge of aluminum and all of its component alloys; this means we know which materials will work best to make a strong repair that is built to last.

Pontoon inspection consists of pressure testing along with visual scrutiny. First side skirts and underskin must be removed to expose the top of the pontoon. Then we pressure test the entire pontoon. We make notes and take pictures of any damage/problems that we find. After that we create a quotation for the requisite repairs. And finally we send the customer the quote and pictures. The whole process takes 2-4 hours depending on the boat.

Inspections are usually FREE.
If the customer approved our quotation for the recommended repairs, the inspection is totally FREE. In other words, if we inspect your pontoons and then you give us approval to perform the repairs, then the inspection is 100% FREE. The only time we charge for inspection is if our quotation is not approved. In that case, the price for inspection is a flat rate of $500.

We guarantee our repairs for 1 year. After having your pontoon repaired and reinforced by Augello’s Welding, your pontoon will leave our shop stronger than ever. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. If one or our repairs leaks or breaks, we will repair it free of charge.

We are able to offer a lifetime guarantee on our repairs due to our systematic approach to repairing your pontoon. We don’t just weld holes and leaks closed. We take the time to not only repair, but to also completely reinforce the affected area, making it stronger than it was when it left the factory.

When you bring your pontoon to Augello’s Welding you will never have to wait months for your boat to be repaired. We strive to get your pontoon back to you as quickly as possible, so that you will be back in the water in no time.

Pontoon pick up.
Augello’s Welding can pick up your boat for you right from your dock. As soon as the repairs are completed and payment is received we will return the boat back to your dock." You do not have to be there. We make it as convenient as possible.

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We are committed to creating high quality, cost-effective solutions for all of our clients needs.

 If it's made of any kind of metal, we can fix it or fabricate it. INSURED, locally owned and operated. We offer FREE estimates, and guarantee our work.

We serve the entire Lake of the Ozarks area including Osage Beach, Camdenton, Lake Ozark, Eldon, Versailles, Sunrise Beach, and other surrounding communities.

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